About Us

PROINTERACTIVE is the first company in Greece to offer interactive equipment rentals...

Do you have a special event, or need an interactive projection board for a medical presentation, conference, etc?

PROINTERACTIVE offers you the ideal solution for:

Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, Presentations & Product Launches

We offer Audiovisual Interactive Equipment rental Greece:

  • Plasma Screens rental greece
  • Touch Screens single or multitouchrental greece
  • Multitouch E-Postersrental greece
  • Interactive White boardsrental greece
  • Projectorsrental greece
  • Audiovisual Equipment rental greece
  • Barcode Systems rental greece
  • Voting Systems rental greece
  • Live Media Streaming rental greece
  • Software Development Services...
  • Audiovisual rental equipment rental greece
  • Equipment rental Greece




and more...





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About ProInteractive

ProInteractive is a business of Proelectro , The goal was to develop a long lasting and customer care focused company with the primary objective being to allow our clients to focus on the overall project, with the utmost confidence that their needs are being met by qualified professionals. The approach of designing projects that would stand the test of time and build customer confidence remains today.